1. swamptitan asked: Hey man, how long did you plan out any colony, like was the script short or long??? When you wrote it, did you have a specific feeling, like sexual, or hungry?

    i didn’t script the whole thing out, i wrote it as i went. i’m always starving


  2. Anonymous asked: Will you be my prom date?

    nah prom is for kids


  3. wolfhard:


    Wake Up/Escape from the Citadel promo by writer/storyboard artist Steve Wolfhard

    Adventure Time: Season 6 begins

    Super excited about this one. It’s a biggie.

  4. doopliss asked: This morning I awoke to find my 4.5-year-old sitting by my bed reading "Canadian Royalty." Apparently I'm raising an alt comix prodigy, which is great! But he has questions: will a flap of skin be sewn over his genitals? When can he wear his royal suit? This is not a joke.

    well julia, those are questions every parent dreads being asked, but you must have known you’d have to have “the talk” eventually!

    to help answer

    1) legally, every Canadian who reads Lose #4 is required to have a flap of skin sewn over his or her genitals. i’m not sure about US law (it might differ from state to state?
    2) other kids’ birthday parties


  5. suuuubo asked: I just read ant comic again. I read it every now and then and rejoice. I would be so excited if you made a few more. pls tell me is it possible for you to make a few more? it would be so great. I don't even like ants, in fact I'm a bit scared of them

    hey thanks! i probably won’t do more. i have other stuff, though.



  7. A Werewolf, Mid-Transformation 1

    Gonna serialize this weekly until it’s finished - maybe 30 or so weeks’ worth of pages? It will eventually appear in Lose #7.

    Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero returns this weekend.


  8. Anonymous asked: What's the age limit on joining the Kid Mafia?

    anons can’t join


  9. Anonymous asked: Do you think Lose 42 will be easier or harder to make than Lose 6?

    everything gets more difficult


  10. woodteeth asked: Will new hits be available to the internet masses?

    no! i’ll reprint it for TCAF, though (i sold out of the ones i brought to linework)


  11. Anonymous asked: Your my absoulutey favourite comic maker, Did you have any say in the production cover of Lose #6, who's doing the lose #5 cover? Will you be at the San diego comicon? if so will you sign my copy of any colony?

    hey, thank you! i won’t be at the san diego comic con, unfortunately

    the artist who draws each Lose cover is voted upon every year by SPX exhibitors. i really hope i get a crack at it next year!


  12. elbowhumble asked: what's gonna be in new hits? is it stuff that's been on here?

    a short story from Art Review called “Dot Com” and a short story that I drew for an anthology but was cut and then ran on the Studygroup website instead


  13. Loose #6 cover


  14. Tabling at Linework NW today, debuting two new zines - New Hits, collecting two recent stories, and Loose #6, a new sketchbook zine. 


  15. puketrick:

    Realities of death 


    (via plslala)