1. Anonymous asked: When you look back at something like Ant Colony, do you feel any sense of pride and accomplishment for having created a well rounded, polished piece of work? Or is it more like, on to the next thing.

    well, the “on to the next thing” feeling is what’s satisfying. but no, i can’t say i’m proud of anything i’ve completed


  2. fiachrahackett asked: do you think you'd ever like to animate anything?

    well, sort of - i’m working on something animation-related this month, although there’s a high chance it will never see the light of day. i did this short thing a few years ago, as well

    but overall, comics are mostly where my head is at, and what i’m best suited for


  3. heyanniemok:

    I PUT A SPELL ON YOU: A night of comics & stories in Toronto

    Tuesday May 6 @ 7pm

    The Pilot Tavern

    22 Cumberland St.

    Toronto, ON

    FB event: http://tinyurl.com/nx56brq

    Annie Mok, Sophia Foster-Dimino, Michael DeForge, Kelly Kwang, and Georgia Webber read comics via projector; game maker merritt kopas debuts a prose story; and artist and printmaker Sab Meynert talks about transitioning from a comic & zine context to the fine art world. A short moderated discussion between the panelists, and an audience Q&A follow the presentations. Annie Mok emcees this special pre-TCAF night of comics & stories at the Pilot Tavern!


    merritt kopas

    consensual torture simulator

    mkopas.net / @m_kopas

    Sab Meynert


    sabmeynert.com / @sabmeynert

    Georgia Webber


    georgiasdumbproject.com / @gee_webber

    Michael DeForge

    Ant Colony, Lose, A Body Beneath

    kingtrash.com / @Michael_DeForge

    Sophia Foster-Dimino

    Sex Fantasy

    hellophia.com / @hellophia

    Annie Mok

    Screentests, Vertigo’s CMYK

    cargocollective.com/heyanniemok / heyanniemok.tumblr.com / @HeyAnnieMok / facebook.com/heyanniemok

    Special thanks to The Pilot, TCAF, and Miles Baker~


  4. Anonymous asked: you're the best

    we could do it real big, bigger than you ever done it



  6. gridlords:

    GRIDLORDS #21 at the holocene! TOTAL SUCESS OVERLORDS!


    this was a cool event


  7. Anonymous asked: Do you think putting up comics online hurts the sales of the printed versions?

    no. for me, i’m pretty sure it’s only helped. i’ve been putting comics up for free for as long as i’ve been making comics, and i imagine that’s how a lot of my readers first came across my work. i like to think i’ve built up a certain amount of goodwill with those readers, who in turn come out and purchase my comics when the time comes.

    i mean, i don’t know what the sales figures are for ant colony (maybe it’s completely tanking.) but i think that for the most part, if someone reads one of my comics online and doesn’t think it’s worth purchasing in printed form, they weren’t going to be buying it anyway. it’s not like my comics are crazy expensive — ?



  9. mcqueen90210 asked: Hallooooooooo from Australia. I was wondering if you are able to talk about which characters you had input into on Adventure Time / or if you have talked about this before? The latest episode had these Citadel Guardians that made me really think of your style

    The character “Jake the Dog” is based off my personality and likeness



  11. kushkomikss:

    Comics Anthology š! #17 ‘Sweet Romance’ cover by Patrick Kyle

    Contributors: Aisha Franz (Germany), Akvilė Misevičiūtė (Lithuania), Ayumu Arisaka (Japan), Berliac (Argentina), Betty Liang (Canada), Dace Sietina (Latvia), Emma Rendel (Sweden), Ginette Lapalme (Canada), Heta Bilaletdin (Finland), Inger Zivana M. Torvund (Norway), Ingrīda Pičukāne (Latvia), Jesse Lucas (USA), König Lü.Q. (Switzerland), Laila Milevski (USA/Latvia), Liisa Kruusmägi (Estonia), Līva Kandevica (Latvia), Patrick Kyle (Canada), Pixin (Singapore), Raids Kalniņš (Latvia), Tomasz Niewiadomski (Poland), Yvang (France).

    Specs: š! #17 ‘Sweet Romance’, format DIN A6 (4.1 × 5.8 inches), 21 artists, 164 pages, full-color, perfect bound, English, locally printed in Riga on environmentally friendly paper, ISBN 978-9934-518-12-6 , will be released on 15th of May 2014.

    Get it: Pre-order here for USD 14.00 (worldwide shipping costs and a free bookmark and postcard included in price) or get a kuš! half year subscription and receive also the next three issues delivered right to your house.

    More preview pics on our blog.

    (via 50watts)


  12. Anonymous asked: today i thought about how stoked i was/am on kid mafia. issue 1 is what made me start trying to make comics. still has the same effect on me today

    what!! what a nice message to get, thank you so much!


  13. A Werewolf, Mid-Transformation 2

    Every week


  14. puketrick:

    Creep Highway Music Video 

    well well well


  15. Anonymous asked: cum

    I’ve been really behind with other projects, but hopefully the new Kid Mafia will be finished this Spring