1. gerri-swallowell:


    Short film about Edie Fake!  

    Via www.tcj.com

    Edie Fake is the loveliest, and here’s a short documentary to prove it.

    Edie Fake doc! Edie is one of the best cartoonists working right now

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  3. chriscalmdown asked: has anyone asked you about how you letter before? i was reading that gengoroh tagame anthology and i realized you were credited as the letterer on a bunch of stories, and i've always liked your lettering a lot and was wondering about what tools you used, etc.

    i letter with my wacom tablet, which helps me be a perfectionist about everything. i hit cmd+H a lot on photoshop to grid everything up and make sure my forms are evenly sized + level


  4. cult-fanboy-ramble asked: I wanna skype date you

    you don’t, trust me


  5. internetpenpal asked: i dunno if you've answered this question five million times already, but when is Lose 6 coming out???? also i've been to the only 2 shops in new orleans that i could find and the only one that carried Lose only had 1 and 2. so i've been singlehandedly spreading the word and it is exhausting i might have to quit my job OH WELL. <3

    Weird to hear copies of 1 are still floating around. Lose 6 is coming out in the fall. Issues 2-5 of Lose will be collected in A Body Beneath this May, and individual issues are still in a bunch of stores + online:



  6. Here’s the cover to Lose #6


  7. puketrick:

    Listen to: Slow Plane by Creep Highway

    Creep Highway’s extreme black metal song.

    did you just make this our “single”


  8. cult-fanboy-ramble asked: Are you gonna be a big New Girl fan tonight?

    i was already a New Girl fan, so now I will be a double fan, which actually means my fandom gets cancelled out


  9. zatoichi88 asked: Can you buy perish plains online or only at conventions? Thanks!


    (just noticed it’s out of stock there, but i assume they’ll get more in when the Perish Pair - I just thought of that - get back from LA)


  10. helmutdoork:

    found art at this house I just sat down in


  11. koyamapress:

    The 2014 CBC Bookie Award Nominees have been announced and Julie Delporte’s Journal and Michael DeForge’s Very Casual have been nominated in the Best Canadian Graphic Novel or Comic Book category.

    The Bookies celebrate the best Canadian literature of the year that was, and they have solicited the public’s help to help determine which book is deserving of being declared the best read in each category.

    Voting ends at 11:59PM ET on February 5th, so head on over to the awards page here and cast your vote!


  12. adventurebetty:

    Adventure Time: Free Comic Book Day issue part 3

    oh this old thing

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  13. Anonymous asked: Do you know when Lose #6 is coming out? Can I have it now?



  14. joelmack asked: Great Talk and power point presentation in Halifax last night! Good luck with the rest of your adventure tour.

    hey, thanks! glad i wasn’t a total mess


  15. clo-a-clock asked: Hey! I was wondering if you were going to be at CAKE this year in Chicago? I know you are going to be at Quimbys this weekend but sadly I can't make it out. Sounds like it will be a good night though! I can't wait to get a hard copy of Ant Colony!

    i will be there! i have a thing debuting there that i don’t think i can announce yet