1. Anonymous asked: i miss night people. do you miss night people?

    yes - but funny you should mention that


  2. hashknife:

    My new tattoo is very cute. Art by Michael deforge, done at @premiumtattoooakland http://ift.tt/1frOjKX

    wuhhh incinerator tattoo!


  3. Anonymous asked: can you post the lyrics to 'let me be your wife'? or put them on bandcamp?

    i was gonna just jokingly link to the lyrics to some everclear song, but then i started listening to sparkle and fade on youtube and i think a lot of this really holds up


  4. Anonymous asked: The Thickness Collection cover looks awesome. When and where can I get it?

    coming this May from Youth in Decline, lord willing


  5. johnporcellino:

    Did you know that Quimby’s does mailorder? New books from DeForge and Tallarico have arrived at King-Cat Headquarters!



  6. patrick kyle and michael deforge


  7. robbmirsky asked: Are you not doing more comics in Offerings?



  8. Anonymous asked: hey!! do you have any favorite cartoons, what are they ? (im a big fan of your art btw ;o;)

    thanks! i feel a little guilty, because the only cartoons i really keep up with are ones my friends work on (regular show, steven universe)

    if you mean cartoons in general, this thing is my favorite!


  9. Anonymous asked: I just discovered VH1 Soul.

    i just caught a shiny pokemon


  10. pages from another story in Lose


  11. hulyen asked: You're my favorite comics artist right now! I hope you can visit the Philippines. :D

    thank you! me too!


  12. Anonymous asked: whoa you used to have elvis hair!

    RIP elvis hair


  13. Anonymous asked: i don't really like much of your work. Kid Mafia probably being my favourite, but I have to say, you are the man. Not only do you put out a new Lose every year you also maintain a webcomic, publish lots of zines and work for Adventure Time. You sir are one hard working man.

    my favorite kind of compliments are compliments that come with an insulting caveat at the top


  14. puketrick:

    For sale as soon as we draw/print/assemble a zine to go with them. 

    You can listen here already anyway. 

    this thing


  15. Daryl Seitchik made this cupcake covered with ants for my launch in Philadelphia. Her comics are some of the best going, and she is excellent.