1. A Werewolf, Mid-Transformation 1

    Gonna serialize this weekly until it’s finished - maybe 30 or so weeks’ worth of pages? It will eventually appear in Lose #7.

    Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero returns this weekend.


  2. Anonymous asked: What's the age limit on joining the Kid Mafia?

    anons can’t join


  3. Anonymous asked: Do you think Lose 42 will be easier or harder to make than Lose 6?

    everything gets more difficult


  4. woodteeth asked: Will new hits be available to the internet masses?

    no! i’ll reprint it for TCAF, though (i sold out of the ones i brought to linework)


  5. Anonymous asked: Your my absoulutey favourite comic maker, Did you have any say in the production cover of Lose #6, who's doing the lose #5 cover? Will you be at the San diego comicon? if so will you sign my copy of any colony?

    hey, thank you! i won’t be at the san diego comic con, unfortunately

    the artist who draws each Lose cover is voted upon every year by SPX exhibitors. i really hope i get a crack at it next year!


  6. elbowhumble asked: what's gonna be in new hits? is it stuff that's been on here?

    a short story from Art Review called “Dot Com” and a short story that I drew for an anthology but was cut and then ran on the Studygroup website instead


  7. Loose #6 cover


  8. Tabling at Linework NW today, debuting two new zines - New Hits, collecting two recent stories, and Loose #6, a new sketchbook zine. 


  9. puketrick:

    Realities of death 


    (via plslala)


  10. Anonymous asked: you're my all-time favorite cartoonist/ comic artist. i'm kind of torn between wanting to be a Serious Artist & develop a really unique style & tell strange, thought-provoking stories (like you) and wanting to draw fanart of ppl kissing. i feel like if i do the latter i can't do the former. any advice? thanks in advance

    those aren’t mutually exclusive concerns! nobody’s keeping track on the “serious artist” scoreboard, don’t worry


  11. parshnips asked: What's more important in your opinion; having a defined style, or being able to tell a story with your images?

    i stopped thinking of having a defined style as being important at all


  12. posting from an airplane to Dallas, drew this with my touchpad on my laptop on the plane



  14. plslala:

    collaborative drawing I think with Julia Gfrörer, Alex Degen, Patrick Kyle, Michael DeForge n me, Lala

    that one on the left turned out nice huh


  15. suckerpress asked: hey have fun at mocca also, when is your next show? also, i want a tape cuz i have a tape player now. thank youuu.

    hey thanks! we’re playing with Phedre on April 24th at Double Double Land