1. A Werewolf, Mid-Transformation 2

    Every week


  2. puketrick:

    Creep Highway Music Video 

    well well well


  3. Anonymous asked: cum

    I’ve been really behind with other projects, but hopefully the new Kid Mafia will be finished this Spring



  5. Anonymous asked: Hey Michael, do you ever get any pain in your hands from all the drawing you do? I've started getting what I think I carpal tunnel and I was wondering if you do anything before drawing to loosen up.

    i do carpal tunnel exercises usually after every four or five hours of drawing.


  6. warm up drawing

    working on my 4 foot scroll again


  7. Anonymous asked: are you going to be at CAKE this year?



  8. rghayat-i asked: Hope we'll get to see more Sticks this year, maybe once your deadline projects are out of the way.

    new one is dropping tomorrow!


  9. Anonymous asked: Michael DeForge, I love you! When is the Thickness compilation being released? I have to read College Girl By Night soon.

    thanks! it was gonna be TCAF but now it’s gonna be in the fall, i think!


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  11. mrmcgrimy asked: Hi michael, I saw you talk at quimbys a few months ago, and appreciated what you said about making sure you are not waisting your time on a dull story. I was wondering I i could pick your brain about your writing process? What makes a compelling story for you?

    thanks! just think of the types of comics that you want to read, then try to make one of those


  12. Anonymous asked: Hey, how about you collab with Mac Demarco for some art stuff? Yes yes?

    i don’t know who that is - does he have money?


  13. Anonymous asked: Do you have interest in working in other mediums, like fine art or prose or animation?

    i have a few big and small non-comics projects on the go right now and each one is an interesting and rewarding experiment. comics are always going to be my main focus, though. i don’t really want anything to take on anything in a capacity that would distract me from that


  14. medicine 2


  15. swamptitan asked: Hey man, how long did you plan out any colony, like was the script short or long??? When you wrote it, did you have a specific feeling, like sexual, or hungry?

    i didn’t script the whole thing out, i wrote it as i went. i’m always starving