1. etteette:

    The Evil of the Outdoor Cat

    article by Richard Conniff, illustration by me!!! :o) 

    special thank you to Aviva Michaelov for her art direction ♥


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  3. Come to my band’s concert and tape release event



    I think that collectively, the two sets only add up to 30 minutes of actual music, so I promise it will be painless, like ripping off a band aid

    Poster drawn w/Patrick Kyle


  4. Anonymous asked: Yo wheres that Medicine Comic girl?


    ask michael deforge




  6. edsyder:

    Kid Mafia fan art


  7. Sometimes I tweet about mashed potatoes and then 19 hours later Ryan Sands has a bunch of them delivered to my doorstep


  8. in-progress Ant Colony mascot by the amazing Phil Woollam


  9. rare military prison/graveyard ducks crossover. graveyard ducks (c) michaela “graveyard” zacchilli


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  11. plslala:

    I made this comic for Future Shock #7 which you can pre-order here

    Looks like it’s gonna be pretty good. 


  12. Anonymous asked: hate to jinx anything, but you think this go at lose 6 is a keeper? i'm loving it.

    yeah, i hope so, it’s due in two weeks


  13. it’s hard to draw a hand holding a pipe without it turning into a patrick kyle-drawn hand holding a patrick kyle-drawn pipe


  14. logandgraves asked: I noticed you are particular about calling yourself a "cartoonist". Any explanation on your preference to that title versus artist/creator/writer?

    because i draw cartoons


  15. Anonymous asked: Have you read everything by Hideshi Hino that has been published in English? Which is your favourite? I re-read Panorama of Hell this week and it blew my mind again.

    Bug Boy is my favourite!