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  2. danemartin:

    "Horror of the Gag, Volume One" back cover.



  4. koyamapress:

    The 2014 Doug Wright Awards nominees have been announced and several Koyama Press artists have made this year’s roster.

    Michael DeForge is nominated for the Dough Wright Award for Best Book, as well as for the Pigskin Peters Award, which recognizes the best in experimental or avant-garde comics. Both nominations are for his collection Very Casual.

    Also nominated for the Pigskin Peters Award is Julie Delporte for her illuminated diary comic, Journal.

    Patrick Kyle is nominated for the Dough Wright Spotlight Award (aka “The Nipper”), which recognizes Canadian cartoonists deserving wider recognition. Patrick is nominated for his body of work in 2013, which includes Distance Mover, which we are collecting this Fall.

    To see the whole list of nominees, as well as the Giants of the North Hall of Fame inductees, head on over to The Comics Reporter here.

    Congratulations to Michael, Julie, Patrick, and all of the artists nominated! 

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  5. Anonymous asked: I have this itch on the back of my leg, I can't tell if it's a bug bite or dry skin?

    it’s a bug bite


  6. zzz lose 6


  7. mcfleurart asked: Hi I just wanted to say I love your work and I'm really excited to get to see you at mocca! Will you be selling any of your comics there?

    i’ll be there! i’ll have a few comics for sale, not a ton though. and thanks!


  8. puketrick:


    Come to my band’s concert and tape release event



    I think that collectively, the two sets only add up to 30 minutes of actual music, so I promise it will be painless, like ripping off a band aid

    Poster drawn w/Patrick Kyle

    Next week

    last time i bother people about this - this shit is tonight



  10. puketrick:

    The Creep Highway Cassette tape is available to buy now on our bandcamp page. Comes with immediate digital download! 

    Note to everyone regarding shipping, especially those of whom might be ordering within Canada: I went to the post office and had this tape weighed and it’s unfortunately expensive to mail. It’s even more expensive to mail within Canada - - In some cases more expensive than it would be to mail across the globe. This is because there’s no basic mail option for small packets within the country - - you have to pay for tracking and delivery confirmation. There’s no other option. This is pretty ridiculous, I know. If you live in Toronto, please come to one of our shows to pick one up or message me and I can deliver it personally. Apologies to those in other parts of Canada who might like to buy a tape. 



  12. Anonymous asked: This has almost certainly come up before, but people getting tattoos of your work?

    a few people have! it’s very flattering



  14. danemartin:

    I made this for my sister’s birthday today.

    i love this, dane


  15. Fetish list