1. Sometimes I tweet about mashed potatoes and then 19 hours later Ryan Sands has a bunch of them delivered to my doorstep


  2. in-progress Ant Colony mascot by the amazing Phil Woollam


  3. rare military prison/graveyard ducks crossover. graveyard ducks (c) michaela “graveyard” zacchilli


  4. (Source: saigono-arisaka)


  5. plslala:

    I made this comic for Future Shock #7 which you can pre-order here

    Looks like it’s gonna be pretty good. 


  6. Anonymous asked: hate to jinx anything, but you think this go at lose 6 is a keeper? i'm loving it.

    yeah, i hope so, it’s due in two weeks


  7. it’s hard to draw a hand holding a pipe without it turning into a patrick kyle-drawn hand holding a patrick kyle-drawn pipe


  8. logandgraves asked: I noticed you are particular about calling yourself a "cartoonist". Any explanation on your preference to that title versus artist/creator/writer?

    because i draw cartoons


  9. Anonymous asked: Have you read everything by Hideshi Hino that has been published in English? Which is your favourite? I re-read Panorama of Hell this week and it blew my mind again.

    Bug Boy is my favourite!


  10. elbowhumble asked: when did you say we the public would see sticks again?

    when lose is finished, then twice a week in april


  11. jaredmorgan:

    Kid Mafia Fan Art

    whoa! kid mafia fan drawing, cool


  12. kingofooo:

    Billy’s Bucket List - title card

    designed by Michael DeForge

    painted by Nick Jennings

    i designed a thingy. thanks to adam for letting me take a crack at this one



  14. digitl-futura asked: Do you have any work from high school? You should post some so we can see the inspiring improvements lol

    i’ve scanned some zines and comics from gr 10 and 11 that i can’t find right now, but this book has drawings from high school in it


    and was printed by bongout in my first year of college, i think?