1. Anonymous asked: Do you think of your audience when you draw a comic, or imagine someone reading your comic as you draw it? Or do you draw for yourself?

    I draw my comics for homicide detectives, so that is who I imagine reading my comics as I work on them.

    You know the type. Watched his mom and sister get gunned down over his dad’s drug debts and swore he’d become a cop. Last time he saw his father was when he had to testify against him, but it looks like he’ll have to pay a visit to the state prison to see if he can shake some information about Big Joe Paglia out of him. He has the highest clearance rate in the precinct but he’s never gonna make captain with that chip on his shoulder and that devil on his back. His marriage went to shit ever since he started hitting the bottle. He wants to stop, but he can’t shake that image of his partner’s body getting torn into by the Antelope Ripper after he tied the both of him up in the governor’s mansion. His new partner seems eager, but he can’t trust her yet - she’s a little green, a “diversity hire”, if you know what I mean. She might be the only friend he’s got, though. He knows what the other detectives think of him. He’s no rat, but when they all skimmed a little off the Rordiguez heroin seizure and he passed on taking anything, they started looking at him funny. Doesn’t help that the chief has been riding him ever since he disobeyed a direct order to lay off the mayor’s son’s drug charge. Doesn’t help that he has his ex-wife calling him ten times a day for alimony. He just ended a twelve hour shift by talking a tweaker out of murdering a baby he was using as a hostage and he wants to relax. He goes to his local, orders a shot a cold one, slams a quarter into the jukebox to play his favourite - Charlie “Bird” Parker. He opens up the newest issue of Lose. It’s the only good, pure thing in his day - the only ray of light in his miserable fucking life.


  2. Anonymous asked: Do you think that Lose is the hardest comics work you do each year? As a spectator, it seems like it, with all the scrapping and starting over; Maybe if you struggle with the non-Lose comics, you're just less public with it? It feels like Lose is this huge thing that you have to get right, and the other things are improv and practice for Lose (not to sell them short at all)... I dunno. Just curious how you see Lose vs Non-Lose.

    yeah, lose is the thing that kills me the most. i truly hate the process of drawing each issue, but it’s important for me to work on each year for stupid sissy artist reasons that i can’t really articulate

    edit: i don’t see the other projects as “practice” for Lose, but each issue of certainly ends up being the culmination of a lot of other experiments and shifts in style/storytelling i made in the months between issues


  3. gworge asked: Your work and your work ethic has been a big inspiration to me, thanks for making great stuff. Can I buy your Flu comic? And have you read Mould Map 3? I loved it, although I wish Yokoyama's piece was constructed or printed in a clearer way.

    hey, thanks! Flu Comic’s sold out, it’ll probably be collected some time down the road. i thought Mould Map was really good


  4. nathanielowens asked: hello good sir! After following you on here for sometime, I finally picked up Lose #5 and The Boy In Question. You do not disappoint in the slightest. Thank you for your work. Also I have to say you should make some t-shirts of a few of your covers. It'd be bomb diggity.

    thanks so much, i’m glad you liked them! and yeah, i dunno, open call to have someone make new shirts for me and give me a bunch of the money. do you think H&M follows me on tumblr


  5. illustration that was used for the cover of an upcoming issue of The Devastator magazine. theme was post-apocalypse


  6. Anonymous asked: Michael, weird question, do you find it insanely hard to draw bigger things (like posters) on the tablet with such a small line width?

    yeah, but since i ink over scanned pencils, i’m able to “trust” the shapes i laid out at the start even without always having a clear sense of the image as a whole.

    it’s also a little freeing - posters break up my days stuck drawing inside of tiny panels and grids. i’m able to let lines continue for more than a couple of inches … 


  7. Anonymous asked: What is speedy Ortiz? I'm kinda new to all this stuff.

    It’s a special brand of wood furnish, I’m the art director for their advertising department


  8. elbowhumble asked: what was the story about? the one you tossed.

    Some bloggers


  9. I threw away all eighteen pages of the main story I was working on for Lose #6. This was going to be the issue’s back cover design, but since it references imagery from the tossed story, it’s now going in “the vault”, I guess.



  11. Anonymous asked: Why is Frank Santoro so uppity about you asking questions on twitter?

    Frank’s trying to keep you all down. Don’t worry, I’m on your side


  12. Forgot to post this! The WFMU 2014 Marathon is happening right now. I made some drawings that are going onto band-aids that come as one of the bonuses for pledging.

    I’ve written about it before, but WFMU is one my favourite stations. I rely on it a lot, since I spend all day drawing in a room alone. Terre T, Dave the Spazz, Downtown Soulville, RIP Too Much Information, RIP Night People, RIP Best Show


  13. Anonymous asked: Speaking of Canada, will there be further installments of Elizabeth Of Canada or it that done with?

    sometimes i think i black out and send myself all these tumblr asks so i can read them later and be reminded of all the half-finished projects i’m anxious about


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