1. Anonymous asked: Have you read everything by Hideshi Hino that has been published in English? Which is your favourite? I re-read Panorama of Hell this week and it blew my mind again.

    Bug Boy is my favourite!


  2. elbowhumble asked: when did you say we the public would see sticks again?

    when lose is finished, then twice a week in april


  3. jaredmorgan:

    Kid Mafia Fan Art

    whoa! kid mafia fan drawing, cool


  4. kingofooo:

    Billy’s Bucket List - title card

    designed by Michael DeForge

    painted by Nick Jennings

    i designed a thingy. thanks to adam for letting me take a crack at this one



  6. digitl-futura asked: Do you have any work from high school? You should post some so we can see the inspiring improvements lol

    i’ve scanned some zines and comics from gr 10 and 11 that i can’t find right now, but this book has drawings from high school in it


    and was printed by bongout in my first year of college, i think?



  8. Anonymous asked: do you have any tips for getting yourself out there in the art world?? I'm only in highschool but I feel like I need to start getting known or something,... I dunno

    just post stuff online and hawk stuff at zine fairs, that’s what i did in high school. and look at me now! i have my very own tumblr account


  9. tsujitoons asked: would you ever work for Disney animation or Warner Brothers animation if they offered you complete creative control over one over any project of your choice or would you just use one of your comics to be adapted by either of their studios ? do you think that say if Disney or Warner would Adapt the Thickness or Loose ? do you think they would take a risk with your material or Sanitize it to hell ? or do you think Japanese Anime Studio Madhouse would be do your work justice ?

    disney already adapted one of my comics


  10. Anonymous asked: your work is incredibly inspiring. is it important to try and find an agency to represent your work? or do you think that's unnecessary to having success as a comic artist

    hey, thank you! i’m the worst person to ask about this, since i’ve never had an agent, i’ve never really sought one out, and i’ve never been approached by one.

    i have friends who’ve had a lot of success working with literary agents. i definitely don’t think they’re necessary, but i guess that depends on what your bar for being a “successful comic artist” is. if being a successful comics artist means sleeping three hours a night, stress vomiting and living off a diet of beer and leftover delivery food, then you definitely do not need a literary agent to be a successful comics artist, and i am the most successful comics artist in the entire world

    since the money and stakes involved in comics are so low, i like that my professional relationships with publishers, editors and collaborators are (for the most part) uncomplicated. like, if i have an idea for a comic, all i have to do is stumble into the Koyama Press office and go “Hey Anne, what about an alternate universe where the beds lie on top of people? Thirty two pages and I’ll need an eighty thousand dollar advance. Patrick says hi.”

    (just kidding, that’s not how Koyama Press works. Koyama Press operates out of a secluded European castle and not an office)


  11. New Leather Space Man strip up on Hazlitt. Broke up the format a bit for this one - started drawing this pixel comic while going a bit stir crazy on the Ant Colony tour, drew it with my laptop’s touchpad on trains between cities.




  14. some new pages from attempt #3 at lose #6. recycling the character design. drawing the rest of the issue in my “dumb” style this time


  15. wweeiirrdd:

    soft release of my new book this weekend at the PMF…

    TRY… just TRY to fuck with me on my home turf!!!

    just TRY