1. computalgleech asked: Hello darkness

    it’s “michael”


  2. puketrick:

    Listen to: Moving Day by Creep Highway

    Time to go

    why didn’t you post this instead


  3. eleventhirtyshop:

    Still parks season! This one is mine but we have one more at the shop! #winter#parka#snow

    friends with stores — toronto, you should shop here


  4. franksantoro asked: when are you going to turn this thing off? maybe you could just move the ask box to the end of Kid Mafia 5

    i can’t stop, frank


  5. Anonymous asked: How do you chill?

    i don’t chill. it’s 2014, nobody does


  6. Anonymous asked: kid mafia 5?

    TCAF, I guess? i’m really stressed out lately, everyone give me a sec


  7. matthewpettit asked: Whens Sticks coming back?

    end of March, when I finish Lose 6 and can put Sticks on a twice-a-week schedule


  8. Anonymous asked: that would be funny because recently i asked another band to post lyrics and they sent me the songmeanings page for 'free fallin' by tom petty.

    was the band you asked tom petty and the heartbreakers?


  9. (Source: aishafranz)


  10. spoiler alert


  11. Anonymous asked: i miss night people. do you miss night people?

    yes - but funny you should mention that


  12. hashknife:

    My new tattoo is very cute. Art by Michael deforge, done at @premiumtattoooakland http://ift.tt/1frOjKX

    wuhhh incinerator tattoo!


  13. Anonymous asked: can you post the lyrics to 'let me be your wife'? or put them on bandcamp?

    i was gonna just jokingly link to the lyrics to some everclear song, but then i started listening to sparkle and fade on youtube and i think a lot of this really holds up


  14. Anonymous asked: The Thickness Collection cover looks awesome. When and where can I get it?

    coming this May from Youth in Decline, lord willing


  15. johnporcellino:

    Did you know that Quimby’s does mailorder? New books from DeForge and Tallarico have arrived at King-Cat Headquarters!