1. Anonymous asked: Speaking of Canada, will there be further installments of Elizabeth Of Canada or it that done with?

    sometimes i think i black out and send myself all these tumblr asks so i can read them later and be reminded of all the half-finished projects i’m anxious about


  2. gingerlandcomics:


    Sophie Yanow’s War of Streets and Houses will begin shipping in March!

    This is your last chance to take advantage of the presale price! Get 15% off until March 5. JUST IN: All preorders will now come with a special letterpress (!!) bookplate signed and numbered by Sophie!

    My roommate/BFF Sophie Yanow’s new book War of Streets and Houses is coming out this spring from Uncivilized Books. It’s gorgeous and smart. Order it, for serious

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  4. dozergirl:

    Poster by Michael Deforge

    very old collaboration with nate duval! i don’t even have a copy of this one anymore


  5. computalgleech asked: Hello darkness

    it’s “michael”


  6. puketrick:

    Listen to: Moving Day by Creep Highway

    Time to go

    why didn’t you post this instead


  7. eleventhirtyshop:

    Still parks season! This one is mine but we have one more at the shop! #winter#parka#snow

    friends with stores — toronto, you should shop here


  8. franksantoro asked: when are you going to turn this thing off? maybe you could just move the ask box to the end of Kid Mafia 5

    i can’t stop, frank


  9. Anonymous asked: How do you chill?

    i don’t chill. it’s 2014, nobody does


  10. Anonymous asked: kid mafia 5?

    TCAF, I guess? i’m really stressed out lately, everyone give me a sec


  11. matthewpettit asked: Whens Sticks coming back?

    end of March, when I finish Lose 6 and can put Sticks on a twice-a-week schedule


  12. Anonymous asked: that would be funny because recently i asked another band to post lyrics and they sent me the songmeanings page for 'free fallin' by tom petty.

    was the band you asked tom petty and the heartbreakers?


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  14. spoiler alert


  15. Anonymous asked: i miss night people. do you miss night people?

    yes - but funny you should mention that