1. an off the top of my head “best of 2013”

    I’m sure I’m forgetting things and I haven’t read Infomaniacs yet. In no particular order

    Julio’s Day by Gilbert Hernandez
    Beta Testing the Apocalypse by Tom Kaczynski
    Eye of the Majestic Creature vol 2 by Leslie Stein
    The Library by Chihoi
    New Jobs by Dash Shaw
    Paranoid Apartment by Lala Albert
    Real Rap by Ben Urkowitz
    Sakura Maku’s comic in Chromazoid #2
    Mighty Star by Alex Degen
    Household, Man that Dances in the Meadow by Sam Alden
    misc Simon Hanselmann (hard to pick one thing)
    World Map Room by Yuichi Yokoyama
    The Teacup Tree by Angie Wang
    New Comics #1, 2, by Patrick Kyle
    + I guess Attack on Titan before it drops off a bit

    edit: forgot Hand Drying in America by Ben Katchor

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    Chihoi’s The Library featured on Michael DeForge’s “best of 2013” list! Woot!
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  36. plumdill said: What?? No Walking Dead or New 52?!? What’s your problem, dude!?!
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    Reblogging to remember for later— I like the Alden comics (i liked the Hawaii one) and I’m late on Leslie Stein but I...
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